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beautifully manicured back lawn

landscape plus
Landscape plus is a great selection for constructing a usable high quality lawn. It contains high quality dwarf perennial ryegrass which makes for stoloniferous growth. more information

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pallet stacked with rolls of high quality top lawn

Top Lawn
Just as the name suggests this turf is in our opinion the Showcase for luxury domestic lawns. This turf simply exudes quality to the most discerning lawn owner or grounds man. more information

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curving beautifully manicured lawn

drought tolerant
This turf is a unique product that contains a high percentage of rhyzomatous tall fescue. This grass produces rhizomes (an underground stem), that will shoot above the soil surface. more information

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a one tonne bag of the lawn company top soil

top soil
We offer 1 ton bags of premium quality screened topsoil. Ideal for laying turf on, flower beds etc. It’s easy to rake and environmentally friendly.

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A turf delivery truck

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